Promises: The Lord Is Coming

The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant ...

The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant with Noah after the Great Flood of the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We went shopping yesterday; on the way home, we saw a rainbow. It’d been a while since we’d seen one, and it’s always wonderful to just take a moment and look at the colorful band stretched across the sky. Rainbows are beautiful, for sure, but there’s more to it than that. They speak of promises. More specifically, of God’s promises. For example, you’ve all heard of Noah’s Ark, right? Well, after the Flood, God promised that He would never flood the entire earth again. The symbol of the promise? A rainbow (see Genesis 9:8-16). Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

God promises many things throughout the Bible. Some of them have already been fulfilled (like the coming of His Son); and the fulfillment of others lie in our future. There’s one promise that I’d like to focus on in particular: The return of Jesus.

Revelation is all about the Rapture and Tribulation. For more info on that, check out my page. To summarize it, the Rapture is Jesus’ return for His church. The church is the body of believers (including children too young to make the decision to follow Him themselves).

I think Revelation is one of the most fascinating books in the Bible. Have you ever thought it would be cool to see into the future? Well, Revelation basically does just that. It is a revelation given to the apostle John, who wrote it down so that, generations and generations and a couple thousand years later, we could discover what was shown to him.

Now, the Rapture is going to happen in a moment. The Tribulation, which follows it, is a period of seven years. As the name suggests, it will be a time of trials for everyone on earth. Believers during that time will be persecuted. And I’m going to be honest with you; I will be glad to get out of here before that time comes.

picture of a wrapped present

picture of a wrapped present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But here’s the thing: Do you know if you will be raptured? What about your friends? Yes, it’s possible to become saved after the Rapture, but that isn’t really an excuse to wait. Jesus is coming, and soon. The Bible says no one will know the day or hour (see Matthew 24:36). It could be tomorrow; it could be next year, or a decade away. But why wait to accept God’s free gift of salvation?

And if you’re saved, I know it’s difficult to go out there and start witnessing to people. Sure, some people will think you’re weird; there will always be people like that. But some people will hear what you’re saying and believe. You have the opportunity to tell them how much God loves them and how they can become a child of God and your brother or sister in Christ by accepting Him into their hearts.

You don’t have to be a pastor or a missionary to share the Gospel. Any child of God can do it. And more specifically, God is calling you to do witness to those around you.

We can see from the Bible that God always, always keeps His promises; unlike people, He’ll never let you down. Are you ready for the fulfillment of this promise?


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