Time (Where Did It Go?)

a candle (eine Kerze)

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t quite know how people in the past survived without electricity. But for the last 24 hours, thanks to Hurricane Isaac, that’s what we’ve had to do. Oh, I’m not complaining. In reality, I’m really thankful; we got through the storm safe and sound. Still, although a candle-light dinner is nice, trying to get by without any air conditioning isn’t fun.

Last night, I started thinking about what I wanted to write in my next post. The house was completely dark, and everything was quiet except for the sound of our neighbor’s generator. I had a candle on my nightstand, and, as I watched the light flicker and cast strange shadows on the walls, part of me thought that it’d be nice if our power went out more often. A chance to step back, to unplug from the world, and just sit. And maybe, just maybe, have a little God-and-me time.

With all the convenience that electricity brings, you think we’d have all the time in the world to do things like read our Bible and pray. To grow in our faith. But I know that I, for one, don’t. I tend to read my Bible during lunch to “save time” (which looks so horrible as I write it down). Though I try to pray regularly, I usually don’t pour my heart into it unless I’m going through a difficult time. That’s not how it should be. We should read our Bibles because we want to learn from it; we should pray, not because we’re obligated to, but because we want to get to know our heavenly Father better.

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It’s sad to think of how electronics have become an idol to us. We spend hours and hours every week playing video games, watching TV, and checking our Facebook. I try to justify it by saying I’m doing important things. When I’m on the computer, I’m usually writing a blog post or earning money through Swagbucks. I still spend a lot more time on the internet then I should, though. I’ll sit down at my desk planning to check my email, do some other stuff and get off in half an hour. Before I know it, three hours have gone by. Where does the time go? What could I have done with those three hours that could really benefit myself and others?


Watches (Photo credit: viking_79)

I’m not only trying to say we should read our Bibles and pray more (though we should; we really, really should!). I’m also trying to say that we need to manage our time wisely. Think about what you do every day. Are you making the most of your life, or are you just coasting along as if you have all the time in the world? Because, trust me, you don’t. None of us do.

Remember that we all just have one life to live. Someday we’ll all be wondering where our time got to. When you reach that point, are you going to be able to say you used it wisely?


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2 thoughts on “Time (Where Did It Go?)

    • Thanks! Louisiana definitely took a harder hit than we did. We have some friends that live farther west and their house was flooded. It’s frightening how quickly natural catastrophes can change your life.


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