A Severe Case of Laziness

Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As much as I love writing on The Teen Theme, it’s just so easy not to. Some days, I’d rather take a nap or play Angry Birds. But I’m not doing anything wrong, am I? I’m just feeling a little tired; I’m not in the mood to sit down and write. Understandable, right?

Then again, while none of the things we do for fun (rather than what we should be doing) are wrong, exactly, that’s not the question. The question is, are these things right? They may not be one or the other, in themselves; it depends on what level of importance you place on these things. Because, seriously, writing on my blog is far more important than playing Angry Birds.

Everything has its place. We may not always know what that place is right away, but, given time, we will. While I enjoy playing games and reading novels, I have to think, does this benefit me in any way? It gives me momentary pleasure, but frankly, I’m not any better off.

Fast Food

Fast Food (Photo credit: SteFou!)

Let’s say that you’re trying to eat healthier foods. It is sooo tempting to have desert with your meal, but while you’ll enjoy it in that moment, it actually has ill effects on your body in the long run. Plus, that slice of pie will be gone before you know it. Was it really worth it? No.

It’s nice to be lazy every now and then, to kick up our feet and relax and do whatever we want. But life’s too short for that. God has given each and every one of us so much potential. Instead of giving into the temptation to be lazy, why not get onto our feet and work to be the most we can be? To live our life to its fullest?

God has an amazing plan for your life. The question is, are you willing to follow it?


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2 thoughts on “A Severe Case of Laziness

  1. Hey, hey, hey, don’t go picking on Angry Birds. That’s one of my favorite time wasters. Opps. I admitted it’s a time waster didn’t I. Enough reading blogs, I’m gonna go blow up some mean ol’ pigs.


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