It’s Your Life


Life (Photo credit: bitzcelt)

Life. Have you noticed how we only get one of those? It’s not an uncommon thing–everyone has one. But if you lose it, that’s it. You can’t get another one, you can’t have two, you’ve got what you’ve got.

Considering all of this, don’t you think we’d do more with our lives?

I recently wrote a post on laziness. You know how when you’re being lazy and someone tells you to get and do something productive? We tend to resent that. You could argue, “It’s my life after all. What right do you have to tell me what to do with it?”

The speaker has a point. It is his life. And it’s yours, and it’s mine, and everyone on the planet has their own life. It’s up to us what we do with it. But the thing is, we goof off and kick up our feet like it isn’t our life. Like we’re wasting someone else’s life, not our own.

We act like time is something that can be bought. It can’t. In fact, it’s not even possible to know if you’re going to have a tomorrow.

You can do something with your life, and it starts with the little things. A good example is school. As teenagers, we usually don’t have really positive thoughts about it. It’s just something we have to do, something that takes time away from having fun. Have you ever thought why we go to school? It’s so that we can have a future, so that we can make an influence with our lives. But to many of us, school is just about making good grades (or not) and nothing more. We don’t think about the impact it will have on us later on in life.

In the same way, the little things you do today can change your tomorrow. Someday, you’re going to look back on your life. On what you’ve accomplished and what you haven’t. Things you should’ve done and things you regretted. Things that you’re happy you did. And when you reach that day, will you be who you wanted to be?

It’s your life. Only you can choose to do something with it.



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