My Soul Cries Out!

Hillsong United Concert

Hillsong United Concert (Photo credit: Jiaren Lau)

At my church today during worship we sang “From the Inside Out” by Hillsong–one of my favorite worship songs of all time. The whole song is incredibly powerful and moving, but there’s a line that just stands out to me.

And the cry of my heart is to bring You praise
From the inside out Lord my soul cries out

“The cry of my heart”; “from the inside out”; “my soul cries out”. To me, these lyrics bring to mind a desperate need for God and an unquenchable thirst to bring Him all praise and glory.

We often take our relationship with God so casually. I’m not necessarily saying that we’re all just going through the motions of a Christian life. You may read your Bible, go to church, and pray very frequently and with a sincere heart. In my opinion, sincerity is a must in our relationship with God, but there is so much more to it.

English: Hillsong Church logo. Category:Austra...

English: Hillsong Church logo. Category:Australian Christian Churches Category:Christian images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever been in love? Well, I haven’t (lol), so this analogy doesn’t work very well for me. Anyway, we see love stories in movies all the time (not to say that movies are an accurate representation of life!). Two people fall in love, but it is so much more than that. These two people are so truly in love that they would do anything to be with each other. Anything.

We, as Christians, are in the middle of the ultimate love story.

For God so lovedthe world that he gave  his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Do not take these words lightly. God loves you so much that He literally gave everything for you. That is a love that we cannot even begin to imagine.

Again, the words of that song just keep coming back and ringing through my mind. “My soul cries out”. That is no casual thing. That is a cry that consumes us until every moment of our day is filled with a desire to have an even closer relationship with our God. I want to be consumed by a love like that. I want to be so in love with my Lord and Savior that I can think of nothing else. I long to bring Him praise and glory. This is the cry of my heart!

Please let me know if this song leaves you in tears or gives you chills. 🙂 It never fails to do that to me.


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