I’m Back!

All in all, it was an awesome trip! On the down side, I’d brought my Kindle Fire along, intending to use it for my Bible and also to write a post to do. If you own a Kindle Fire, here’s a quick tip: Only charge when it’s almost out of battery, and only leave it plugged in until it’s fully charged. Never leave it plugged in overnight. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me. I brought it to the conference expecting it to be fully charged, only to have it tell me that it didn’t have enough battery power to turn on. So I was without a Bible for two days of the conference and didn’t get a chance to write a post. Quite frustrating, but now I know!

"Be nice to me. I Gave Blood Today." :)

“Be nice to me. I Gave Blood Today.” 🙂

This isn’t really a normal post; just some thoughts on what’s been going on and what’s coming up. I took a lot of notes during the conference, so I’ll probably be drawing off of that for my posts for the next couple weeks.

Also, my surgery has been scheduled for May 14th, so please be praying! We’re going in for a pre-op meeting tomorrow; we’ll know more of what to expect after that. I’m still not scared or nervous; I’m probably in denial. 😉 Just wait–a week from now and, outside of the grace of God, I’ll be having a full-blown panic attack!

Last Tuesday my mom and I went to give blood (in case I need it during my surgery). It was my first time giving blood, and the whole time I couldn’t stop shaking, lol. 🙂

That’s all for now!



5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Well done on giving blood! It sounds like you’re doing a lot of courageous things at the moment. Praying you would know the peace of God leading up to the surgery, and that all would go well. Looking forward to reading the notes from your conference.


  2. Aren’t you glad being plugged into the Lord won’t leave you without enough power to turn on. Technology may let you down but God will never be low on power. His grace is your strength and His Spirit your comfort. Praying for you tomorrow and all the way through this operation and recovery. I don’t know why He allows it. I don’t know how He’s gonna use it. But I do know He knows and I know I trust Him. Know what I mean?


    • Absolutely! And maybe it was for the better; using my Kindle as a Bible is more convenient, but does serve as a bit of a distraction. Thank you! Pre-op went well; they mostly told us stuff we already knew. I had to take three x-rays though, which isn’t great. I know exactly what you mean! If we don’t trust in God during the difficult times in life (and every time in life!), where would that leave us?


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