Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

I’m not going to try to be poetic. You know I love to write poems, but I often get so wrapped up in the poem that I forget what I wanted to say.

So what do I want to say? Well, there is so much I could say, and I know I don’t say any of these things often enough.

Happy Mother's Day from Willow and Amber too!!!

Happy Mother’s Day from Willow and Amber too!!!

Mama, you make me laugh when I thought I couldn’t laugh any harder; you make me smile when I thought I couldn’t stop crying. You make the best food ever! πŸ™‚ (And I should quit being lazy and just let you teach me how to cook already). If anyone could see the way we quote movies, they would think we’re nuts, but I think it’s awesome! And I love the way you do funny voices when you tell a story.

I’m so sorry for all the times I say something I shouldn’t have; thank you for being forgiving! Thank you for home schooling me and for teaching me everything you can about eating healthy. πŸ™‚ And thanks for not giving me everything I ever wanted; we both know 90% of that stuff would have ended up gathering dust in the back of my closet within a week.

Thanks for setting an example by being a Godly wife and mother. Thank you for encouraging me and for listening about my day (even though I spent most of it with you) when you could have just gone to bed.

And I thank God for giving me you! I know the list above is nowhere close to being complete, but let me sum it up like this: You are the best mom in the world!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

Bunches and bunches of love!

-your daughter β™₯


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