I Hate Cliffhangers

I’d like to apologize in advance; this is not an ordinary post, but I had to let my frustration out somewhere.

Cliffhangers. I understand their purpose. I understand that it’s to get people to buy the next book in a series, or watch the next season/episode of a TV show. And I can bear them as long as the eventually reveal what happens. But unresolved cliffhangers? That’s just cruel.

Last week, while browsing through Netflix, we found a show called Persons Unknown. We immediately liked it. It had an interesting and unique plot, and it was relatively clean compared to all the junk you can find out there. It only had one season that was produced in 2010, and we found out it would be a cliffhanger about halfway through.

We finished the last episode about half an hour ago. Every new twist they added to the plot was horrible, knowing we’ll never find out what happens. This is the second time a TV series we like has ended on a cliffhanger in the past month.

Cliffhangers depress me. But if you’re looking for a good show to watch and you aren’t as bothered by cliffhangers as I am, I definitely recommend Persons Unknown.

That’s all for now, 😉



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