Make A Choice

I’ve felt convicted lately. It’s taken some time to sort it all out, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it all boils down to my priorities. I’ve written about priorities several times; it’s an important topic! And yet, while I was fully aware of how important the subject of my posts was, I feel like I breezed over or somehow missed just how important it is.

When your priorities are out of whack, so is your life.

While trying to think of just what I’ve placed above God in my life, I suppose I could say almost everything. I didn’t purposely do so, but God slowly fell to the bottom of my list of priorities, and everything else rose to the top.

The funny thing is, I haven’t stopped praying, reading my Bible, going to church–any of those things. I just haven’t been putting as much effort or heart into them.

We have to make a choice. It can be summed up pretty easily: What’s highest on your list of priorities? Earthly things that promise temporary pleasure (and don’t always deliver)? Or God, who has promised to provide a place for us in heaven and can give us endless joy?

The answer is so obvious, it bugs me that I have to struggle with it!

Let’s be honest. Earthly things appeal to us, but they are temporary, and God is eternal. They offer brief pleasure, and God offers everlasting peace, love, and joy.

The answer is clear. The decision, the move to make our life actually match our answer–that’s difficult. But not impossible.

The God who raised His Son from the dead is always there for us. With His help, we can bring Him back to the center of our life.

Our life isn’t centered until He’s in the middle of it.


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