Facebook: Greatest Thing Ever or Great Waste of Time?

reverendFacebook is a weird topic for me. I have trouble settling on an opinion and sticking with it.

This week’s weekly writing challenge: Is Facebook is the most amazing thing ever or does it compromise our privacy?

Though I’ve read some articles on it, I honestly can’t say whether Facebook taking away our privacy, so I changed the question to one that suited my line of thought a little more. Greatest thing ever or great waste of time?

There have been times when I’ve desperately wanted a Facebook account, which must sound pretty silly. After all, Facebook is free–how incredibly easy is it to set up an account and get going. Plus, I could use it; I have out-of-state friends and Facebook would make it a lot easier to get in touch with them.

Still, the fact that I wanted it so badly bothered me. I’m not very good at managing my time. I just know that if I had a Facebook account, I would be the kind of person that checks it a million times a day. For me, Facebook would become both the greatest thing ever and a great waste of time.

facebook like button

facebook like button (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

If I ever learn how to manage my time, maybe that will be the time for me to make an account. I envy those who are already excellent time-managers (such as my mom!). And if Facebook ever became less important to me, I could get an account and not worry about wasting all of my time on it. Until then, though, I think I’ll just have to live without it. 😉

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the topic. Who knows, I may have a different opinion by next month! Haha, just kidding, I’ll try to stick with it this time.

What are your thoughts on it? Is Facebook utterly amazing? A waste of time? A privacy-killer? I’d love to hear from you!



6 thoughts on “Facebook: Greatest Thing Ever or Great Waste of Time?

  1. Christrocks, Great pen name! I have grand children your age and I am not sure you would like to hear from an old man! It has only been two years I have been using a computer and my blog is only fifteen months old. I only started it because one of the men in the prayer group said I needed a bigger audience and people needed to read what I was writing. I said no I do not like computers or any of that stuff! But God said try it, so I did. The first five months I was lucky if I got ninety hits a month. Then it shot up to 225 hits in one month I was so happy and I praised God so much for the work He was doing. The next month it went to over a thousand hits and has not been below that every month there after.
    The question one might ask ones self is; am I going to use this tool to bring glory to God or will I use it to bring glory to myself? As for your blog give God time to work, your a good writer. Here are some to do things that will help your blog grow: 1) Read other peoples blogs make comments click the like, if you like.
    2) Add links to the blogs you follow and follow other blogs.
    3) Write well, proof read use proper grammar as a writer you wish for no misunderstandings in your meaning. Get someone to read your post before you post. See if they can understand your meaning. You are writing to a much broader age group now.
    4) People all around the world are going to be reading what you write pray and let the Holy Spirit guide your post. Soon like me, people all around the world will be following your blog. I have readers in over seventy different countries.
    5) Post often some people post daily; I post one or two times a week, and the next thing you know you will have over ten thousand hits.
    6) Don’t give up! I am now following your blog and praying for you so you are the first blog on my list of blogs I follow.
    May the Lord bless you with wisdom beyond your years, may the words of the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ flow out of heaven and into your post, may His peace and joy be with you this day and all the days of your life, Amen. James


    • Thank you! Not at all–I am very happy to hear from you. And I’m glad to see that God is working in your life through your blog.
      I agree that the more attention your blog gets, the easier it is to start giving yourself the credit and forget to give the glory to God. Thank you for the advice! As for your first two points, I am well aware that interacting with other people’s blogs plays a huge role in building a larger readership, but I don’t get many chances to do so. My parents have to approve blogs before I can read them (and I am thankful that they do so), so finding new blogs to follow can be a slow process. As for your other points, I do my best; thank you for your prayers!
      God bless,


  2. Hi – thought I’d just add some comments on your post on FB. I got a Facebook in 9th grade because it was kind of the cool thing to have at my school (and I’m sure every other school)…so I begged my parents to let me get one and they did. I’m going to be a senior this year and I’ve realized that Facebook is probably the most stupid “invention” yet. I truly believe the enemy is using social media, specifically Facebook as a way to distract our generation. He’s using these things (which aren’t necessarily bad in themselves but their purpose can be bad when used wrongly) to get everybody’s eyes on themselves. Suddenly the most important thing revolves around who your friend is on Facebook and who did or did not “like” your status. It’s not about Facebook being a waste of time, it’s about it being a complete distraction from our purpose and everything we were created for. I was listening to a pastor this week who said, “Get off of Facebook and get your face in his book.” I don’t think it could have been any more well said. I mean sure, you can argue that Facebook helps you connect with friends…but seriously? We have cell phones for that… I got rid of my FB and I never plan on getting it back…it’s just not worth it.

    Definitely a topic to start a conversation! Glad I found your blog and I hope you don’t mind having complete strangers comment. (:

    ~ Hannerzz


    • “Get off of Facebook and get your face in his book”–I love that! And there is a lot of pressure to get Facebook as soon as you turn 13 (or for some people, even sooner). I agree with a lot of what you’ve said but, frankly, Facebook remains a temptation for me. Part of it is because I want to share my posts with my friends; hardly anyone I know follows my blog, which is kind of sad, and I have a hard time getting other people to check it out without sounding too pushy. Facebook would provide an easy way to share my posts.
      On another note, I think we can take things on Facebook too personally (at least I know I would!). Like you said, being so concerned about who did or didn’t like your status (“Do they not like me? Why didn’t they like it?”) or who did or didn’t accept your friend request. I think I maintain my position that social media can be useful, but it can also tear you apart!
      By the way, I love getting comments from absolute strangers! I hope to see you around soon!
      God bless,


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here – it definitely can be a time-waster, from experience… depending on what you use it for. I think for me it’s just another way of communicating and keeping in touch with friends. I also use it to promote my blog so I find it a valuable tool and a way of connecting with others who I might not normally connect with… I do think it can breed envy, as people use it to make their lives look amazing! And we all know ‘snapshots’ don’t always convey the real truth… It’s certainly a fascinating topic, Facebook 🙂


    • Good point! Facebook is pretty good at making other people’s lives look amazing. It’s also true that Facebook can be useful…I have often thought of making an account so I could promote my blog through it.


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