Perfect? I don’t think so

This is a kind of complicated story, but I’ll try to condense it into a sentence. There’s this girl we know that thinks my mom doesn’t like her because she’s not perfect like I am.

I’m sorry, is she talking about me?

To be honest, I just…really didn’t know what to do with that. Mostly because I know how imperfect I am. It also bugs me because I don’t want to be seen as perfect. I want to be different than the world, yes–that’s my mission statement on this blog, after all. I am so not perfect, however. I try, but I’m not.

It may seem like a compliment, and, in the first few seconds after hearing this, I was kind of flattered. That didn’t last.

I keep wondering, did she call me perfect because of the impression I give? I’m different, yeah, but part of me thinks it’s something else. Maybe she called me perfect because she thinks I think I’m perfect.

Oh, it just keeps getting worse. And that’s not to say that I don’t think I’m better than other people sometimes. Sure I do; who doesn’t? But I know it’s wrong. We’re all sinners. We were all lost at some point. And none of us, none of us, are perfect.

I’m probably making a bigger deal out of this than it is. She probably wasn’t being literal in calling me “perfect”. Still, it makes me think about everything I just wrote and more. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe God wanted me to stop and think about what it meant.

Right now, I think it means I should have been a better friend to her. By a better friend, I really mean a friend to her–period–since I really wasn’t friends with her at all. I mean, I tried, but I’m shy! It’s hard for me to reach out to people! Not that that’s an excuse–it’s just another imperfection. Back to the point, though: If I’d gotten to know her better and vice versa, I’m sure she wouldn’t feel the way she does.

Because of my shyness, my quietness, I know I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to reach out to people, to make a difference. That bothers me beyond belief, but I keep doing it! Something that definitely needs prayer. But, I continue to digress. 🙂 And I do believe I’ve forgotten my point. Ha!

Oh wait, I remember! 😉 My point is, none of us will be perfect in this life. That doesn’t mean we can’t try, though! Jesus was perfect, and the Bible says to be like Him! So I’ll try to imitate Christ, and maybe He’ll give me another chance in reaching out to this girl.

Imitate me, as I also imitate Christ.
-Paul (1 Corinthians 11:1)



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