The Teen Theme on Google+

It’s kind of funny that, after my recent post about Facebook, I am now on Google+. Anyway, I don’t consider it to be the same thing, mainly because so far I don’t really like Google+, so I’m in no danger of becoming addicted to it.

So, you ask, why are you on Google+ if you don’t like it? I find it a little confusing myself. Long story short, the Google+ account now seems to come with my Gmail/Youtube accounts, so I decided to take advantage of it. As a result…

on Google+

The Teen Theme is now on Google+! 🙂 Not sure if it’s worth it, though–the code on this thing is driving me crazy. “Copy and Paste”, it says. “All you have to do is copy and paste and boom, you’re done!” More like, boom, nothing, so I just settled for the icon above.

Take a moment to stop by the page and, if you’re on Google+, follow me! (In the future, you can find the above icon at the bottom of the site).



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