Brilliant Minds Follow Christ

I came across this quote from Billy Sunday while I was reading my literature book for school, and wanted to share it with you:

Why live a doubter? Why doubt God and Jesus Christ, with all the blessings that God will bring to you if you will only do His will, keep His commandments and serve Him?

The great men of the ages are on the side of the Bible. A good many infidels talk as though the great minds of the world were arrayed against the church and Jesus Christ. If you will ask them to name the great men of evolution, they will name Darwin, Huxley, Spencer, and perhaps a few more.

Well, a study of the field, my friends, strengthens your faith. The greatest statesmen, the greatest astronomers, the greatest philosophers, the greatest inventors and painters and poets and musicians have all believed and lifted up their hearts in prayer. Watts, who invented the steam engine, was a Christian. Robert Morse, who invented the telegraph, was a Christian, and the first message ever sent over the wire, from Baltimore to Washington, was a quotation from the Book of Numbers–“What hath God wrought!” Eli Whitney, who invented the cotton gin, was a Christian. And Thomas Edison says there is enough evidence in chemistry to prove the existence of God, to say nothing about human experience.

Yet some doubt God and God’s truth. The greatest of modern statesmen believed in Jesus Christ. George Washington walked through snow up to his armpits in Valley Forge. When the soldiers wrote their names in blood upon the snow-white pages of a nation’s manuscript, he knelt in prayer.

Abraham Lincoln was on his knees all night in the White House at Washington with Bishop Simpson, praying to God to give victory to the armies in Blue, overthrow slavery and preserve the Union. And God did.

Burke, the statesman, was a Christian. Bacon, the philosopher, was a Christian. Raphael, the painter, was a Christian. Angelo, the sculptor, was a Christian. Harvey, the physician who discovered the circulation of blood, was a Christian. Milton, who wrote the great epic poem, was a Christian. Blackstone, the famous English commentary, was a Christian. Garfield, William McKinley, John Hay, Theodore Roosevelt, Bryan, Wilson, Hughes, Champ Clark, most of the United States senators, most of the representatives, members of the Supreme Court, believe in God, Christ and the Bible. Oh, what a fool you are to say that you do not believe, and so live in sin when God wants to save you!

The greatest poets of the ages drew their inspirations from the Bible–Dante’s “Inferno”, Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. Byron, although he was a profligate, drew his inspiration from the Bible. Shakespeare’s works abound in scriptural quotations. Tennyson, Longfellow and Whittier–the world-famous poets–were Christians.

The Lord’s famous painters were Christians. Angelo, in his “Last Judgment”; Raphael, in his “Madonna of the Chair”; da Vinci, in his “Last Supper”; Murillo, in his “Immaculate Conception”; Reuben, in his “Descent from the Cross,” all dipped their brushes in the light of Heaven and painted for eternity. They believed in God–the whole crowd of them, of all ages. What a fool you are to line up with a bunch that hasn’t any use for Jesus Christ or His truth!

Still, it’s not by the faith of anyone else (famous or not) that we come to know Christ, but by our own faith and a personal relationship with Him.



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