And … Action!

After a three-day youth conference (which was great, by the way) and a long week of VBS, I’ve been too tired to write much lately. Today in youth group, though, we studied 1 John 3, and a verse stood out to me that I felt like I had to write about.

Dear children, let us not love in words or speech but with actions and in truth. (1 John 3:18)

scrabble: love

As we were reading the second-half of this chapter, this verse immediately jumped out at me. It describes so perfectly how many of us act today. As Christians, we’re supposed to have a brotherly love for one another. While we may claim to have this love, we may only have it in “words or speech”, meaning we say that we love each other but our actions don’t back up what we say.

Have you ever heard “Actions speak louder than words”? If you claim to have a brotherly love for someone but are spreading rumors behind their back, your actions are clearly speaking louder than our words.

Love others in what you do! Have a servants heart. Imitate Christ. Use your words to encourage others, and use them sincerely!


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