Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…?

Today’s Daily Prompt is “Origin Story“. Why did I start my blog? And is that still why I blog, or has that changed?

laptopA while back the Daily Prompt was “Why do you blog?” My post in response to that was “Because of Hope“; I blog because of the hope Christ has given me! However, the reason I started blogging was, I guess you could say, a lot less eloquent.

I started blogging just a little over three years ago. It began when I read Do Hard Things, a book written by Alex and Brett Harris (check out their website, The Rebelution). I read it before bed one night, and the next day–feeling inspired–I started recording my thoughts, just on Christianity and life in general.

Cover of "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebel...

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Later that day or the next, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I started a website to share my thoughts on?”. When I mentioned this to my dad, he found WordPress and my first blog was born. (You can still visit the Christrock’s Blog here, although I no longer write on it; and take a look at my dad’s blog, Calvary Training)

Not even a month later, I had another idea. I felt kind of uninspired on the Christrock’s Blog, and I thought, “Wouldn’t if be cool if I started a blog geared toward teens?” And so, The Teen Theme was born on August 18th, 2010 (that means I have an anniversary coming up!).

And is that still why I blog? I don’t know. I know that a lot of my readers aren’t teenagers, so it doesn’t make much sense to gear everything specifically for teenagers. But it’s still my purpose to be different than the world, and to inspire others to do the same. So, in a lot of ways, things haven’t changed much.

thought bubbleAs I wondered how I would write this post, it occurred to me that God often works through a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” He gives us an idea or a desire, and all He asks is that we follow it through and trust in Him. And it certainly has been an interesting journey. I mean, The Teen Theme started out with posts like this: Goal Thirty-five (a challenge to do the dishes!). Now I have 178 followers, over 12000 views, and I’m teaching a blogging class at my home school co-op next semester! (Not quite sure if I’m ready for that, haha!)

Anyway, my point is this: I know for sure that it was God who led me to start a blog (or two or five, lol). He’s used blogging to teach me things. Through it He’s given me an opportunity to impact others. He’s made it a central part of my life. And I may not know where the journey ahead will lead, but I know that He’s in control, and that’s all I need!



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