Three Years!

Today is the three year anniversary of The Teen Theme, and I can hardly believe it! It may seem kind of silly to others who have been blogging for much longer, but I just find it incredible. God has used this blog to help me grow spiritually, and I hope that, through TTT, others have been encouraged to grow as well.

I decided that this was a good opportunity to change things up a bit. First and most obvious, I’ve changed my theme–something I’ve been wanting to do lately (though this is just a test run; I may change it back!). I’ve also changed my tagline and about page. I feel that with the changes that this blog has gone through in the past few years, it could be better served with a different purpose.

My blog’s goal has always been to show teens that they could be different from everyone else. That they can stand out from the world and be an example to others. That’s what I’m trying to do with my life, but I realized, I don’t have to restrict that to teens. After all, a lot of my readers aren’t teenagers. Anyone can (and should) learn to be different, to be a Godly example.

I’m not going to change anything in the way I write–I’m just changing my blog a bit to match the way I write. My posts haven’t focused only on teens in a while. I want to share my thoughts with and encourage everyone. If I can encourage and inspire someone my age, that’s awesome! If I can do the same for anyone younger or older than me, that’s awesome too!

Let me know what you think of the changes; to be honest, I’m pretty nervous! I’m also posting my old about page below. I’m sure that in the future I’ll get nostalgic and want to go back to reminisce.

Welcome to The Teen Theme. The Teen Theme (aka TTT) is all about improving our “theme” as teens. Now, when I say “theme”, I mean the way people see us. You’ve heard adults, maybe your parents, say it: “Oh no, I have a teenager! What do I do?” or “Before you know it, that sweet little kid’s going to become a teenager” (and the second comment is not said positively!). And what do we do about this? We happily oblige. Instead of taking a stand and saying, “I’m going to be different”, we crouch down and allow ourselves to become what the world expects of us: young people at a rebellious stage of life. But what if that was different? What if we stood tall and set an example for others? What if your parents were actually proud of their teenager? There’s just one thing: we can’t do this alone. I am saying that we need each other, that we all need to do this together, but I’m also saying one other thing. We need God. He alone can help us to become a new generation of teens who refuse to follow the crowd. Read my post “The Purpose Of Being A Teenager” to learn more about what we can become as teens.

As for me, I’m a teenage girl living somewhere on the Gulf Coast. I’m passionate about music. I love my family (which includes my cats) and my friends. And I’m crazy about God! I’m home schooled and am on my church’s worship team. I love to share God’s Word with others, which led me to making this blog. And one more thing: I want to stand out from the crowd. I don’t want to be another one of “those” teenagers. Who’s with me?

I’m also hoping that along with these changes I can start blogging more frequently. A post a day is a challenge (and I’m not making any promises!), but I think it would be fun. I’ll just be praying for inspiration, and for the year that lies ahead of me, you, and The Teen Theme.

Thanks for reading!



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