Growth and Support

sweet potato vineThe photo to the left is of a sweet potato vine. We hadn’t intended to grow it. The potato had been sitting on our counter for a while when, all of a sudden, out came a sprout! Then another, and another, and we had a vine that must have been a couple feet long. At that point, we decided to stick it in the ground.

From there, it just kept growing (and growing!). We stuck a cage around it for support, but it didn’t take long for it outgrow the cage. We had planned to put a stake in the ground next to it, to continue to provide support for the vine, but it had already outgrown that. It began to droop a bit as it was unable to find a place for the vines to grow and wrap around.

sweet potato vine closeup

The vine wraps around itself.

As it drooped, it must have come across a stake that we had set for a different plant, and before we knew it, the vine had latched onto that. It’s incredible how much this plant has grown and flourished in the past two weeks. A sweet potato produced a vibrant, green plant that practically radiates life.

I find the way the vine grows to be interesting. It’s always curling around something, whether that something is itself or something near enough for it to reach. Without support, it can’t grow any taller than it is now.

The vine wraps around a stake in the ground.

The vine wraps around a stake in the ground.

Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this. The idea of this vine’s growth just stuck in my head and wouldn’t get out. It made me think of the way we grow, and how we need support to get past where we are now and grow into new things. Maybe we need to grow spiritually, or academically. Maybe we need to grow as a son or daughter, a friend, a parent, a sibling.

There are times when we can grow on our own. When we can wrap around our own vine and support ourselves. But that won’t get us far–it will only take us as far as we can already reach. A more mature Christian, a friend who is stronger academically, can be a support and help you grow out of your current stage.

Most importantly, for any kind of real growth, we need God. Even a mature Christian friend will have their limits. God, however, knows your heart. Your hopes and dreams. He can help you grow in ways that no one else ever could. All you need to do is reach out to Him, and He will support you!



2 thoughts on “Growth and Support

  1. Love this post. As I read about your impromptu gardening I thought of how the vine grows a certain direction depending on what it is wrapped around. If you are wrapped up in music then you begin to grow in that direction, maybe a particular style of music begins to influence the direction of your growth (thinking). If you latch on to fashion or appearances, or a sport or specific hobby or pastime it will begin to direct your career or your life. If we want to grow into a specific direction we need wrap around things that will help us grow in that direction. Different guidance will result in different growth.
    What does God’s Word say about finding direction? Proverbs 24:6 “for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.” The flip-side of wise guidance would be 1 Corinthians 15.33 “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”
    The things we latch on to influence the direction we grow.


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