Seeing Through His Eyes

I just got a new pair of glasses. My old frame was beat up and falling apart. My lenses were scratched and stained. Now, I usually take good care of my stuff, but glasses have this awful habit of getting dirty, you know?

purple glassesYesterday, when I put on my new glasses, I (don’t laugh) was thrilled. I didn’t realize how awful my old lenses were until I put these on and everything was suddenly bright and so, so clear.

Did you know that, as Christians, we’ve essentially gotten a new pair of glasses? Before we’re saved, we’re seeing through the world’s lenses. And believe me, those lenses are scratched, stained, and cracked. When we look through them, everything is blurry.

When we’re saved, though, God gives us a new perspective! He gives us His glasses to look through, and suddenly we realize just how bad our former situation was. While we were looking through the world’s lenses, things didn’t seem so bad; it was just the way things were. When we put on God’s glasses, however, the clarity of everything nearly blew us away. We were given a fresh perspective, a brand new look at life.

Analogy or not, it’s all true. Before we’re saved, we’re looking through the eyes of sin. When we accept salvation, everything changes. We can look around and appreciate that everything around us, even the very atoms that make up our bodies, was designed by the Creator. We can look to the cross and realize just how incredible is God’s love for us. And when we see that those around us are still looking through the eyes of sin, we understand that we have a responsibility to show them what we’ve found. A light, a hope, a Father, a future.

Because when we look through the Father’s eyes, we realize that we’ve found life.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)



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