Outside, Looking In

She stands outside

Looking in

At the warmth inside


Why she never seems

To be good enough

To have some fun

To share the love

The happiness they seem to have

While she stands in the cold.

But is that all we’re looking for?

To be accepted

To not be ignored

By those whose opinions

Won’t matter in the end

One day an enemy

The next day a friend.

Could there be

One who cares?

Who loves us


And loves us

For eternity.

But it’s hard to think about these things

When we’re outside

Looking in.

Anyone can tell you that being on the outside isn’t any fun, because, at one time or another, we’ve all experienced it. We know what it’s like to be left out, ignored, forgotten. But if we get continually wrapped up in that mindset, we’ll never be able to find our way out. We will come across that situation again and again. It doesn’t matter how popular or nice or likeable we are; there will always be situations where we feel like the odd one out.

Here’s the thing: We don’t need to look for the acceptance of other people. We are already loved more than we can imagine by our Creator! We didn’t do anything to deserve it. It is a selfless, overflowing, unending, incredible love. And while the “love” and acceptance of others is fleeting, God’s love is true, infinite, and eternal.

Even so, I’m not saying you should alienate yourself from other people; not at all! Friends are a wonderful thing to have. A close friend that you can pour your heart out to and share in your sorrows and joys is one of the best things in life. But, at the same time, friends aren’t everything. We can survive without friends; but we have nothing without God. And when it comes to a question of making a choice between what your peers want you to do and what God wants you to do, always choose God’s way. He alone forever has your best interests at heart.

And you know what? A true friend will never purposely ignore or hurt you, or make you feel left out. And the very best kind of friend will never, ever make you choose between pleasing people or pleasing God. A true friend will support and encourage you, and help you grow in your faith every day.

God bless!


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