Birthdays Are, a poem

Birthdays are a time of fun
A chance to laugh with everyone.

Birthdays are full of sweets and bows
What’s wrapped inside–one way to know!

Birthdays are a year gone by
And a year to come–oh, how time flies!

Yet birthdays are more than gifts and cake
It’s a joyous time in which we all partake.

Birthdays are a time to be with those you love
To say, “I love you; just because”.

And birthdays are a celebration of life
A gift from God; a precious sight!

So on your birthday (yes, you’ll get one too!)
Thank the Lord for a life made just for you!

Yes, you guessed it! Today is someone’s birthday! Not mine, though, but someone very important to me: my dad! As I thought about what to give him, I decided to write a poem; still, I wondered, what else could I do?

birthday candlesThen I had an idea for a present that I know any blogger would love–but I require your assistance (my mom suggested that I phrase it like that!). If you haven’t already, stop by his blog at He writes a variety of articles on Christian subjects, including a poem and devotional (following a one year Bible plan) that he posts every day. So if all this is new to you, stop by, take a look, and let him know how you like it! And if you’ve visited Calvary Training before, head over there and wish him a happy birthday!

Now, some of my non-blogger readers may be saying, “What kind of a birthday present is this?” But, at least for me, getting a thoughtful comment on a post, a like, and (most exciting of all!) a re-blog or a share can make a blogger’s day!

Even as I write this, I’m smiling at the irony of it. My dad has had his blog for less than a year, and he has maybe twice as many views as I do! lol, stats envy. 🙂 But if you have the time, do take a look! Also, please only comment or share his articles if you love them (and I promise you will!).

That’s all for now! Have a blessed day!

(And to my dad: Have the best birthday ever!!!)



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