Bringing Jesus to the Center

Right now I’m sitting in my new house testing out the voice to text thing on my phone to write this post, so please excuse any typos!

Today was moving day, and that’s always hectic. It’s amazing to see your entire life packed up in a single truck; and it’s also amazing to see how much junk you actually have! Moving is always a good chance to throw away some stuff, reorganize, and realize just how much cat fur there is behind your furniture!

Throughout today, I kept thinking about a certain Bible passage. I’m not going to quote it, because that would mean trying to look up the verse on my phone (i’m not sure where my Bible is right now)  and then somehow putting that into my post. Maybe you’ll know what passage I’m talking about.

If my memory is correct, the passage is Jesus talking. He says something about a man who has a demon, and this man cleans up his life and gets the demon out. However, although the man got the demon out, he didn’t bring anything good in. So when the demon came back, he saw that the place was empty, so he went and brought a bunch more demons back with him to occupy this guy, who ended up being worse off than before.

Yeah, that was a serious paraphrase. But you get the idea.

So here’s my point. We need to take the time to clean up our lives. To get rid of or give less time to things that aren’t very important. But the thing is, we can’t just get rid of these things that aren’t important in our lives and leave it at that. We need to bring Jesus into our lives, and make sure that he is at the center of everything. Otherwise it’s easy to fall prey to things that will distract us at the very least.

Here is my challenge to you. If you feel like your life is too cluttered, maybe it’s time to take a look at things that aren’t as important or distracting you from God, and put them on the back burner. And above all, make sure that Jesus is your focus. There isn’t much point in cleaning up your life if, in the end, your focus still isn’t on him.

Those are my thoughts! I’ll have to leave now; I’ve got a lot of stuff to unpack!

God bless,


2 thoughts on “Bringing Jesus to the Center

  1. Great thoughts! However we declutter our lives, He must remain the focus!

    PS What voice to text program do you use if you don’t mind me asking? Have been looking for one…


    • Thank you! I just use the default program on my phone (it’s a Samsung Galaxy S3), that comes with the keyboard. Sorry, I doubt that was much help! It was an interesting experience, though; by the time I was done, I was surprised by how much I’d “written”! 🙂


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