No More Tears

It’s been a stressful week. That’s no surprise though, because when is moving not stressful?! Moving or not, though, my emotions have been running all over the place lately. I even cried a few times. 🙂

But we often go through stressful times. Sometimes life is hard, sometimes there are difficult choices to be made, and sometimes we just grow tired of the burdens that are ours to bear.

Several times this week, I was feeling depressed, stressed–whatever you want to call it. And multiple times, I heard a song come on the radio: “There Will Be A Day” by Jeremy Camp. Now, I’ve always loved this song, but to hear it in those times, when I needed it most… I couldn’t help but praise God.

So if you’re going through a hard time and need some encouragement, or if you just need to be reminded that this life isn’t all there is… listen. Even if you heard it before, even if you listened to it yesterday or five minutes ago. Because many times, without even realizing it, we need to be told that there will be a day with no more tears. No more pain. No more burdens. Just eternal peace, love, and joy in the presence of our Lord.



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