Sofie’s First Birthday

Yesterday was my sweet Sofie’s first birthday. Amazing how time flies! I’ll miss my little kitten… 🙂

The Willow Is Poofy Blog

That’s right! My little kitten is one year old today! She has grown up far too fast. Willow is still grumpy as ever, and Amber generally gets along with everyone (though she backed Willow into the water dish no more than five minutes ago!).

I have to say, however, that today was not the best of birthdays. We had a few guys changing out our windows, which meant the kitties were locked up and Sofie was very stressed. Then my mom vacuumed after they left, which always freaks Sofie out.

Still, we got in some time to pamper and spoil her, so all was well in the end.




That’s all for now! 🙂

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