Help Miroslav Get Adopted

To teens who want to make a difference, I have an opportunity for you. Perhaps you are here because you want to “do hard things.” What I’m about to ask of you is not really hard, but it could save a life.

Check out this article by McKennaugh Kelley on The Rebelution website. It’s a touching story, and I am honored to share it. Please do the same if you can!

God bless!



4 thoughts on “Help Miroslav Get Adopted

    • I was blessed to be able to do it! And I have to say, you totally amaze me. I remember you having a similar article posted on the Rebelution in the past, but I don’t think I read who it was written by ay the time. When I noticed this time, I was shocked! I mean, I know it’s what the Rebelution is all about, but to know that you are only a year or two older than me (and home schooled as well) blew me away. God bless you for working to make such a huge difference in the life of this little boy!


  1. Thank you, Christy. I will be praying that a family comes forward quickly to adopt Miraslav and give him the love and attention that he so richly deserves. Love you.


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