Listen to the Sound

I haven’t posted lately, partly because of a lack of time and also because when I do have time, I can’t think of anything to write about!

Matthew West - via Wikipedia

Matthew West – via Wikipedia

Well, why don’t I just write about what I’m doing right now? I am listening to the K-Love fan awards songwriters spotlight. I’ve been listening all weekend. For a while, I was disappointed. Live music just doesn’t sound that good when you’re listening to it on the radio. Then about five minutes ago, when I was sitting in front of this blank screen trying to think of something to write, Steven Curtis Chapman introduced Matthew West. About three minutes into that, I was starting to get emotional. He was playing The Motions, a song that’s always struck deep within me. Of course, then he had to follow that up with a powerful performance of Hello, My Name Is.

So what am I getting to? It’s hard to say… mostly because it’s hard to concentrate when I’m listening to Amy Grant (who is also awesome–and did I mention that Matthew West is too?) at the same time. (And just to show you how long it’s taking me to write this… by now I’m listening to Christ August.) But what I want to say is, take a moment to listen to some (Christian, clearly) music. If you’re stressed or tired or just need to refocus on God, music is great for that. And music has always been special to me, so part of me is afraid this is just me… but I doubt it. Music can touch your soul (good music, at least) in a way that spoken words sometimes can’t. If you’re accustomed to listening to Christian music, you probably know what I mean; but if you don’t, I’d really like to encourage you to.

As a starter, here’s Matthew West’s song…

And here’s a song by Building 429 just because it’s awesome and the title was so perfect. šŸ™‚

Check out my Christian Music page if you’re looking for more. I pray that God blesses you this evening. And please forgive how jumbled this is! I just can’t seem to get my thoughts together lately… (plus, as you know, I’m multi-tasking!).

God bless!



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