Five Years of Blogging

Five incredible years. Here and gone, so quickly.

keyboardWhen I first started blogging, I wasn’t thinking much about the future. I was feeling inspired, I’d written a handful of articles, and I wanted to share them. Just like that, my first blog was born.

Last year, I was definitely thinking about the future! My view count grew steadily each year, and I had high hopes for 2015. Little did I know what was to come.

I am ashamed to say that I have published an underwhelming seven articles so far this year. I know that no one’s keeping track, but this blog is very important to me. To think that I have let something so important to me get so little of time is unpleasant, to say the least.

This year has been a weird one for me. I may not have put much work into the blog, but I know that God has been working in my life. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

So, in the past year, I’ve written quite a few articles on how I was sorry I hadn’t been writing and I would pick it back up. Well, I was certainly sorry, but apparently I never followed through on getting back to writing. I hope this year is different. This blog is a blessing, and you, my dear reader, are a blessing, one I’m not willing to neglect any longer.

So… until next time!



2 thoughts on “Five Years of Blogging

  1. Sometimes dear younger sister our loving God wants us to be still, and not put unreal expectations upon our selves. At these times of being still is when we know our Lord is God. Happy Annversity five years great job! 😍 🎉 🎶 🎂

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