He Remains


My health may fail.

I would say that most people worry about their health. How can we not? To lose one’s health is an inevitable and painful truth of life. We fear it; and many of us struggle with the realities of it every day.

Psalms is a very poetic book, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t speak the truth of what happens in our lives. In fact, it does so very often, and I see the beginning of this verse as a striking example.

“Health,” the psalmist says. “It doesn’t last.”

My spirit may grow weak.

Then he moves beyond the physical. Those five words strike a chord with me. This could mean a lot of things, but ultimately, who hasn’t felt weak in spirit? Perhaps this reminds you of those days when the thought of tomorrow is overwhelming. Maybe it brings to mind struggle against temptation, and the feeling that you aren’t strong enough to fight it. We know what it means to be weak in spirit, and the psalmist knows it too.

Our health may fail. Our spirits may grow weak. When we can no longer rely on these things, what can we turn to?

But God remains the strength of my heart.

We can’t rely on ourselves; the psalmist has laid that out for us. But when everything else fails us, God is still there. He is our strength! To trust in our own strength is folly, but to trust in God’s is hope and life! There are painful realities in this life, but this statement is just as real as any of them. No matter what comes our way, if we are a child of God, we face nothing alone.

Our God is strong. Stronger than our fears. Stronger than our pain. Whatever troubles you face, God is bigger than any of them. And through it all, He remains.

He is mine forever.

Maybe you’re wondering what the point of this was. After all, you already got to read the entire verse at the beginning! I think that too often, though, we rush through the Bible. We forget to slow down and take time to absorb what it has to say.

This particular verse, once I took the time to slow down, truly spoke to my heart. We face things, the verse says. Hard things. But God is with us every step of the way. He never leaves us; He remains our strength, our hope, our Father.

And He is ours and we are His, forever.


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