Hong Kong Trip Photos

Hello everyone!

During my recent absence, my mom and I spent a month in Hong Kong!  So before we get into the regular articles, I wanted to share some photos of the trip with y’all. Enjoy!

HK park

Hong Kong Park

HK Times Square

HK Times Square

street market

A street market.

HK park

View of the city from HK park.

Stanley Beach

Stanley Beach

HK at night

View at night from the tram.

HK harbor

HK harbor, taken from the Star Ferry.

HK skyline

HK skyline

God bless!



6 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip Photos

    • Hi Katie! That’s so cool that you got to go as well! I did have a lot of fun. I admit that being away from home was stressful at times, but overall it was a wonderful trip.
      Well, let me think. We spent a lot of time at street markets and just walking around the city. We visited Stanley Beach one day. We took a nighttime tram ride across the city, went to the history museum, and took the star ferry. We went to the laser show. And we visited an adorable cat cafe and a cat bookstore (lol!). We also visited HK park and the aviary (that place is gorgeous!). That’s about all that pops into my head at the moment. What about you? Where did you go on your trip?


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