Through Our Imperfections

Beauty from imperfection

I am imperfect. But, of course, you knew that. We all are.

Sometimes, I find this thought very depressing. My mind would dig up my imperfections and flaunt them before me. If only I were a better person. If only I were kinder. If only I were more diligent, more hard-working, more focused. If only I could stop being less than I know I should be. If only….

It’s a difficult, lonely place to be in.

What really makes those thoughts hurt is the fact that they are often very true. I should be kinder. I should be more focused. I should be better. But no matter how hard I try, I’m never as good as I think I should be.

Last week, I was thinking about how God works in our lives, and I found myself immensely grateful that He could still work through me, as messed up and broken as I am. Despite my imperfections, He blesses me by working through me to touch the lives of those around me.

In these past few days, however, I’ve realized that this isn’t the whole picture. Yes, God works in us despite our imperfections. Even though we’ve fallen, He can still do great things through us. But the beauty of it is that God doesn’t just work through us despite our imperfections. He works through our imperfections.

The truth is, I will never be as kind as I should be. That won’t stop me from trying to be kinder every day, but, in this life, I will simply never be all that I should be. But I’ve realized that that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Our imperfections show us that God is greater than we could ever imagine. Every day that we grow better, we realize that He is bigger and better than we ever knew, and yes–we are still imperfect, but that’s okay.

Our imperfections show us that even though we’re messed up, it isn’t the end. God works through our mistakes, and He uses those mistakes to make us and the world around us better.

Our imperfections show the people in our lives that we have something greater than anything in this world. Everyone is imperfect, so everyone can relate to that. But through our imperfections, we are testifying to the world that even though we’re messed up, there is One who takes our imperfect selves and makes us whole.

I was sharing with a friend today about one of the many times that I was imperfect. It’s a memory that still causes me pain. I wish I could go back and do what I had been to afraid to do. I wish I could turn back the clock and move past my imperfections. But whether I couldn’t or I wouldn’t, it simply didn’t happen.

What my friend helped me realize is that maybe God was using my imperfections to do something great in my life. I missed an opportunity. I messed up. But you know what? That mistake turned my life around and turned me into the person I am today. And for that I am thankful. Thankful that God made me who I am, and thankful that He would use my imperfections to change my life for the better.

We look forward with great anticipation to the day that we will be made perfect. But until then, the Lord will continue to bring beauty from our imperfections.