Feelings, a poem


Life is more than what you feel

The ups and downs, the pain so real

Happiness but for a moment

Sadness, wearying, beyond our knowing

Feelings make us want to fly

Or want to kiss the world goodbye

Feelings shape the way we see

Make us do things differently

But feelings are not everything

Only echoes of what life brings

Remembrances of days gone by

Kept in our hearts, not in our minds

So embrace the feelings from your heart

But don’t let them tear you apart

Cherish the humanity that they give

And remember that life is how you live

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)



18 thoughts on “Feelings, a poem

    • It’s absolutely okay! It’s great to hear from you, Lauren! I’ve been doing pretty well. Life’s just been busy, and I’ve lost a lot of my motivation to write. I haven’t forgotten you guys! I keep meaning to drop by the Reb more often, but it hasn’t been happening. I guess I’m just a bit worn out.
      What about you? How have you been??


      • Ok, great! 🙂

        Oh, busy… girl, do I get you! And loss of motivation; I totally understand. Worn out – is there something I could pray for? I still haven’t forgotten the situation I was praying for last year, and I’m still praying for you there, because I know that’s really, really hard to get over. 🙂

        I’m okay, honestly. I’ve been… dealing with a really hard trial God’s allowed into my life. So that’s been a challenge to face every day. But He’s kept me here for a reason, and He’ll provide the grace and endurance to get to the end! But I’m working a job now, and I’ve got another sibling due in a couple months, so life is about to get really busy…

        I haven’t been out to the Reb since the end of September, so… I’m not gonna judge you there. 😉

        *ends ramble*

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        • Thank you so much for your prayers there! I’ll think I’m mostly over it, but then something will happen that drags it all back to the surface. It’s hard to let go, but I’ll keep trying; your prayers mean a lot! And I guess if you could just pray that I’d make good decisions, that’d be amazing. With college only a few weeks away, I find myself dealing with situations I’ve never come across before, and I’m doing my best to handle them in a Godly way. It’s overwhelming sometimes, though.

          I’ll be praying for you as well! And while I’m sorry you have to go through this trial, it’s so good to see that you have such an amazing attitude about it. Where are you working? I quit my first job a few weeks ago in anticipation of school; it was quite an experience! And that’s so great that you’re getting a new addition to the family! :3 We just adopted a kitten. It’s not the same thing, but it’s as close as I get lol.

          Oh wow! I guess I’m kind of glad I’m not the only one that disappeared then. I felt a bit like I was abandoning y’all! But sometimes life happens, as amazing as the Reb is. And I can’t tell you how great it’s been to talk to you again! Such a blessing; thank you so much! :3


          • I know, sis… *hug* Letting go is one of the biggest struggles I know of. I’ll be praying that you make good decisions, too; that’s certainly not an easy thing to do.

            Ooh, college…! What will you be majoring in?

            Thank you for your prayers! (And I wish I had a good attitude, but even today in fact it’s not been good, so yeah…) I’m working at a local grocery store. I’ve been working there a lot lately, actually… I worked almost all day yesterday, and we close at 9, so the evening was completely DEAD. It was awful. 😛

            A kitten!!! Aww, I need a kitten… haha! Can you take your babies to college?

            (Also tell me when you need me to shut up.)

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